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Bundaberg’s Water Cartage EXPERTS

We’re C & M Water Cartage, a local water delivery company serving customers in and around Bundaberg, Gin Gin and Childers for over 25 years. We’re Council Certified and Health Department Approved to offer Residential, Commercial and Industrial Water deliveries and related services including turf watering and dust suppression. If you’re ever in need of water (and we’re sure you will be eventually), give us a call. We’re more than equipped to handle the job!

15,000 litres at a time in a fibreglass tank will ¾ fill a standard 5,000 gallon tank. We also supply bulk water for filling swimming pools.

These can be carried out by both truck and trailer depending what it is for:

  • Watering turf for building developers
  • Hosing down machinery for weeding and seeding (when trucks and machinery need to be cleaned before going into weed free parts of the state)
  • Watering down building sites for dust suppression or with multiple sprays for roadworks.

We can deliver on contract to businesses that may need water on a daily or weekly basis for some industrial work that goes on in remote places For example Curtis island LNG while they were in the pioneer stage of the project we had 1 truck on a barge everyday supplying water to that project.

Our other services


Dust Suppression

Dust suppression and road dampening services


Turf Watering

Large-scale truck watering of turf, plants and garden beds


Road Cleaning

Flood bar road cleaning to remove dirt and debris


Construction siteS

Keep your construction site accesses clean  


Pool Filling

Filling of new and existing pools


Septic Tanks

Filling septic tanks


Fire Fighting Water

Supply water for fire fighting assitance


Car Park Cleaning

Park park cleaning services

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The New BEAST!

So who has seen this new beast of a water truck rumbling around Bundaberg and surrounding districts wondering who it was? Well after 8 weeks of careful building by AWD Engineering and ourselves; a few long days and late nights – we are proud to present the newest addition to the C & M fleet. Introducing the 8X4 Scania with twin steer. Able to take a bigger load of 15,000 litres for your pleasure.

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